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Develop a Dissertation Research Plan with the Curator

Here, too, a lot depends on whether you are lucky with your supervisor. If yes, then it will help you correctly arrange your thoughts, building them into a clear system. If not, then you will have to do it yourself.

Conditionally divide the work into three parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. Designate at least schematically what will be written in each of them. The main part should be divided into several chapters, and then scatter information over them. The written plan must be shown to the teacher so that he corrects the errors, if any.

Write an introduction

Usually, the introductory part has a certain standard of writing. Initially, the author highlights the problem that he wants to solve, describes its relevance and importance for consideration, as well as its practical significance. It also reveals such key concepts as the purpose and objectives of the study, the object and subject of scientific research, hypothesis, etc.

Write the body

It can be conditionally divided into four chapters. And we will talk about each of them separately.

First chapter

At its core, it is a literary review. It examines and analyzes the literary sources that were used in writing this scientific work. Usually they are sorted into groups, in each of which a certain pattern is revealed.

It is necessary to consider how the direction you have chosen is currently developing, and also to display in the text of the introduction what people in this area have done before you, how they studied this problem, what conclusions came to. Here it is necessary to indicate what has remained unexplored. From this thesis, you can smoothly move on to what you want to achieve in this area of research.

Second chapter

Usually, it is provided to describe the methodology of dissertation research, which is often accompanied by a certain experiment. In this chapter, it is quite appropriate to describe the course of its implementation. Tell what equipment was used, whether there were difficulties at the time of the empirical part, how they were solved, etc. People reading this chapter should understand how such an experiment can be carried out. In addition, they should not doubt the reliability of his results.

Third chapter

The third chapter of the main part describes the results of the study. They can be presented in the form of tables or figures. Usually this chapter is the largest, so it can be divided into several paragraphs. Try to write all the information that is of value for your dissertation research. If there is too much material, then you can make one more additional chapter.

Fourth chapter

The last chapter describes the results of the study. It provides a comparative analysis, where your results are compared with the results that other researchers have come to that have considered this topic earlier.

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